Including young people

As an educator you are acutely aware that not only are young people our future, they are also one of the groups that are most at risk from air pollution and climate change. Use our resources to inspire young people into action so we can all benefit from a future with clean air!

Our City Our Future resources for all cities

We engaged more than 3,500 young people directly during the engagement process, with hundreds of thousands so far reached online and through our downloadable schools resources.

Want to take action with your students? Then download our 6-week STEAM Eco Club Challenge pack for Bristol or All Cities. Set up a club, customise the slides and empower your learners to act on the things that matter to them. You can run some of the slides as part of an assembly to introduce children to the issues.

Our City Our Future resources for Bristol

Our schools lessons

We’ve been featured in the British Science Associations annual British Science Week schools pack (primary in 2019 and secondary in 2020) and have resources on Sustainable Learning’s website.

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All our (primary and secondary school) resources are now available in this handy Educator Pack! Please download and share widely.

Clean Air Top Trumps

We have put a twist on the much-loved card game Top Trumps. Print the cards and work with the children to create cards that could support or jeopardise a clean air future. Rank the ideas according to a number of attributes and then play the game!

ClairCity board game

Play the analogue version of Bristol’s ClairCity Skylines! Answer questions in a race against other players to determine who can save the city! Along the way you will learn interesting facts about air pollution and climate change and improve your debating skills as you try to justify why you are prioritising one intervention over another. Up to four players, age 9+.


It’s never too early for children to get involved in decision making! Download our postcards for Bristol or All Cities and get the children to fill them out and send to their Councillor, head teacher, or person of influence.

School assembly

To support your teaching, we have produced a PowerPoint presentation for assemblies/group discussion.

Introduce children to the issues of air pollution and carbon emissions, then work your way through the resources in the Educator Pack above. If you have less time, then use our handy ‘fact and act‘ for young people instead!


We have produced a series of graphics to help support you in communicating the issues and solutions, from climate change and air pollution to visioning a clean air future. Check out the city-specific take action pages for more graphics available in your language.

Schools competition

Our schools’ competition “My City, My School, My Home” involved young people aged 13-16 in improving their city. It was first piloted in Hungary with great success. The analogue version is available in the Educator pack above. The digital version will soon be available here too – stay tuned!