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Take Action Packs

For community activators, educators and science communicators

Game and app

Skylines Game, played by 2,800 people across Europe during the course of ClairCity, allows you to make trade offs between policies in each of ClairCity’s pilot cities. The data gathered during the course of the project went on to influence policy making.

GreenAnt is an air quality management tool, allowing you to explore air pollution data locally and plan routes to minimise the generation of an exposure to air pollution.

ClairCity Skylines

Skylines for each city


iOS or Android

GreenAnts air quality management app

iOS or Android

Educational resources

Policy Action Plans for Each City

Summary reports developed as a result of the citizen-led policy process and scenario modelling. Each report is bespoke, taking into consideration the local context and opportunities for change.


Amsterdam  |   Aveiro   |   Bristol   |   Liguria   |   Ljubljana   |   Sosnowiec


Presentations by ClairCity staff during each annual conference

ClairCity’s Annual Conference (Hungary, 2017)

Future Scanning: Air Quality, Climate Change and Health in 2050 and Beyond (Jim Longhurst)

Citizens and Their Role in Air Quality and Climate: The ClairCity Approach (Tim Chatterton)

An introduction to ClairCity (Enda Hayes)

ClairCity: The Multiple Mechanisms of Engagement (Eva Csosbod)

ClairCity’s citizen-led mobile game and air quality management app (Mirjam Fredriksen; Andy King)

ClairCity’s Annual Conference (Sosnowiec, 2018)

ClairCity: GreenAnts App (Mirjam Frerisksen)

Bringing the Evidence Together (Enda Hayes)

DELPHI: Giving Citizens a Voice (Jim Longhurst)

Modelling Behaviour in Transport and Domestic Energy Use (Kris Vanherle)


ClairCity’s Annual Conference (Aveiro, 2019)

Air Quality in the Aveiro Region (Alexandra Monteiro)

Involving Citizens in Policy: Lessons from ClairCity (Enda Hayes)

Modelling Impacts on Air Quality, Health and Carbon Footprints (Kris Vanherle)

Policy Lessons from ClairCity so Far (Stephan Slingerland)

ClairCity’s Annual Conference (Online, 2020)

Citizen Engagement on Clean Air and Climate Change (Laura Fogg-Rogers; Margarida Sardo; Peter Szuppinger; Mirjam Fredriksen; Andy King)

ClairCity: seeing citizens in the modelling (Enda Hayes; Kris Vanherle; An Kewo; Vera Rodrigues)

ClairCity: Lessons for Policy (Enda Hayes; Stephan Slingerland; Irati Artola; Andy Edwards)

Citizens Engaging Policy Makers on Air Quality and Climate Change (Laura Fogg-RogersSophie LagganAlan MorrisSam MorrisZoe Banks GrossSamuel WilliamsMark LeachJim Longhurst)


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