What can we do?

Citizens across Bristol are taking action. Here’s how you can too.


Get clued up!

Find out what clean air policies the citizens of Bristol support.

Raise awareness

ClairCity created a number of tools to help Bristolians better understand air pollution and climate change, and how it is affecting them locally.

There is a mobile compatible game – ClairCity Skylines for you to experience what it is like as the mayor, making decision to care for the environment, local people and the economy, an app for players to explore how air pollution is impacting them, and for all educators out there, we have you covered too.

If, having interacted with these tools, you have a desire to take action, then head over to our dedicated Take Action page, where you will find tips on setting up or joining a campaign group.

Share our resources

View and share local stories!

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Take part in National Clean Air Day

Our voice becomes louder when we join together with national initiatives. National Clean Air Day (CAD) has been campaigning for clean air for three years. Why not get your school, office, friends or family to sign up and take action for CAD?

In the meantime, check out its helpful kits for action in communities, businesses and schools. These be used at any time of year and can help you to run a “No Idling” campaign, other actions for your organisation or group, and have suggestions about how to contact local politicians and businesses.

Find Clean Air Day kits


All of our activities helped us to collect resident's views, understand the unique problems Bristol faces, and inform the City on what it can do to improve the lives of residents.