Tech lovers

Hail to the power of technology!

Do you love computer games and digital technology? Then we have an app and game that will not only satisfy your craving – they will help improve our health, climate and air quality too.

Skylines game graphicSkylines game graphic Skylines game graphicSkylines game graphic

Manage local air quality

Citizens want access to health and environmental data and apps like ours – GreenAnt – help facilitate this access.

GreenAnt is a free app for mobiles (Apple and Android) alongside a web system that allows you to become a citizen scientist, through monitoring your own and others’ transport activities. Utilising GPS data, you simply let the app run in the background while you get around the city.

Collect data with friends, colleagues, or use as a tool to improve the health of your staff or fellow citizens. The more citizens there are collecting data, the richer the picture we can build about air quality in the city. By making visible the invisible, we can begin to make changes to how we travel.

Log your data collection area online – and download the app for Apple or Android. For video instructions on how to play: Step 1 and 2, and Step 3.

See if you can save the city!

ClairCity Skylines allows citizens to step inside the shoes of the Mayor and decide which policy measures you think will keep the city alive and thriving into the future. It is currently available for the six partner cities and regions involved in ClairCity but the concept can easily be adapted for other places. Explore the game if available in your language, or consider using our analogue version available in our Educator Pack (see link above) to get citizens to understand the tradeoffs that have to be made when taking decisions about the future. Choices will inform the ClairCity project about policy making research into air pollution. Get in touch if your city is interested in their own ClairCity Skyline. Available on iOS and Android.