2017 Annual Conference presentations

The ClairCity annual conference took place in Szentendre, Hungary on 24th May 2017. We were fantastically hosted by our consortium partners REC (Regional Environment Center) with attendees including a range of project staff, external advisory board members, ClairCity associates and interested representatives from further organisations.

The event was an opportunity to hear the experiences of experts from across the themes of interest of the ClairCity project. This year, there was a focus on work relating to innovative methods of communicating science, engaging the public and explaining air pollution and climate change. On this page you will find:

  1. Photos from the event
  2. Links to all slides from the public part of the conference

ClairCity annual conference Wednesday 24th May 2017

Air quality, carbon management and public health challenges in European cities – Dorota Jarosinska, WHO Europe.
1. Dorota Jarosinska PDF

1. Dorota Jarosinska powerpoint

Climate change, health and communication – Anna Paldy, Former Deputy Head of the Hungarian Environment and Health Research National Institute
2. Anna Paldy PDF

2. Anna Paldy powerpoint

An introduction to ClairCity – Enda Hayes, ClairCity Technical Director, UWE Bristol
3. Enda Hayes PDF

3. Enda Hayes powerpoint

Experiences of public involvement in sustainable urban mobility planning – Andras Ekes, Mobilissimus Kft., Hungary
4. Ekes Andras PDF

4. EkesAndras powerpoint

Citizens and their role in air quality and climate: the ClairCity approach – Tim Chatterton, ClairCity, UWE Bristol
5. Tim Chatterton PDF

5. Tim Chatterton powerpoint

Changing behaviour in the energy sector – Sea Rotmann, Director, Sustainable Energy Advice Ltd
6. Sea Rotmann PDF

The inclusion of citizens into ClairCity data analysis: Amsterdam case study – Trond Husby, ClairCity, PBL
7. Trond Husby PDF

Citizen and stakeholder engagement in the CEE region – Sandor Nagy, Vice Mayor for Urban Development of the CIVITAS programme
8. Nagy Sandor powerpoint

8. Nagy Sandor PDF

How to engage the public in science: experience of a science communication centre – Chris Dunford, At-Bristol Science Centre
9. Chris Dunford PDF

Multiple mechanisms of engagement for air quality, carbon and health: the ClairCity approach – Eva Csobod, ClairCity, REC
10. Eva Csobod PDF

10. Eva Csobod powerpoint

Using immersive gaming and apps to influence citizens: Introducing the ClairCity game and app – Mirjam Fredriksen, ClairCity, NILU and Andy King, ClairCity, UWE Bristol
11. Andy King and Mirjam Fredriksen PDF

11. Andy King and Mirjam Fredriksen powerpoint

Global perspectives on air quality – Roseanne Diab, Academy of Science for South Africa
(no slides)

Synergies with the European Mobility Week Campaign – Jerome Simpson, REC
12. Jerome Simpson

12. Jerome Simpson

Future scanning: air quality, climate change and health in 2050 and beyond – James Longhurst, UWE Bristol
13. Jim Longhurst

13. Jim Longhurst

For any further information about the event, please use our contact page to get in touch.