Policy Makers

For citizen-inclusive policy making

Through our engagement process we were able to learn about citizen behaviour in each of our partner cities and regions, and gather their opinions on policy options that will help to accelerate the transition to a clean air, net zero carbon future. We are sharing our approach with you to support your policy making, ensuring that all voices are heard.

During our process we conducted interviews, both on and offline, hosted workshops in community spaces and with professional stakeholders, gathered opinion at public events and even used a game. Using a diverse range of approaches was key, enabling us to reach over 6,000 people directly, and over 800,000 people indirectly over the four year process. In partnership with local councils, we hosted events to make sure that different departments were also involved in the project, allowing for knowledge exchange between us and departments of public health, environment, transport and planning.

The types of policy measures that citizens said they would support to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions were then ratified by policy makers and presented to local authorities to support them with their ongoing efforts to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions.

Click on the images below to learn more about our ClairCity process. The first provides an overview, while the brochure provides more in-depth information.

Each of our partners are in the process of developing policy reports and policy briefs for their city or region. We will share these with you as and when then become available.

Reports to inform city decision making

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