Citizen-inclusive policy making

In each city/region we have be running a series of workshops to share information and gather views from across the community. We had specific events for local people to find out more about air quality and climate change and discuss how they want their city to develop and improve.

We also ran stakeholder events to include local organisations, businesses and groups who wanted to understand how air pollution carbon emissions and the future of the city will affect them and their client groups, service users or stakeholders. In partnership with the local councils, we hosted events to make sure that different departments are involved in the project to support links across public health, environment, transport and planning.

Citizen engagements in Bristol

Importantly, we used a Delphi survey process, the workshops, and an innovative Skylines game, to ask citizens about the types of policy measures they would support to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions. These were then ratified by policy makers and presented to local authorities to support them with their ongoing efforts to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions.

Each of our partner is in the process of developing policy reports and policy briefs for their city/region. We will share these with you as and when then become available.