These are a selection of ClairCity presentations that have been made by project partners.

ClairCity Annual Conference
Szentendre Hungary, May 2017
Title: Introduction to ClairCity presentation 2017
Presenter: Enda Hayes

You can see more of the conference presentations on our conference page.

Presentations at international conferences and workshops

International Environmental Communication Association Conference
Leicester UK, July 2017
Title: Society vs the Individual: How can we work together to enable behaviour change?
Presenters: Laura Fogg Rogers, Corra Boushel, Tim Chatterton

Co-Creating Cities and Communities – Connected Communities
Bristol UK, July 2017
Title: ClairCity pecha kucha
Presenter: Corra Boushel

Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling (TFIAM)/Forum for Air Quality Monitoring (Fairmode) workshop
Utrecht Netherlands, February 2017
Title: Assessment of measures in urban/port areas: Liguria experience
Presenter: Carlo Trozzi

Expert Panel for Polluting Emissions Reduction (EXPAPER)
Rome Italy, January 2017
Title: Le emissioni dal “sistema porto”: metodologia, software e caso di studio sui porti liguri
Presenter: Carlo Trozzi