ClairCity Associates

We are connected to associate organisations and cities which are observing and informing the project development.

In order to extend the impact of the project, disseminate the outcomes and embed knowledge exchange as a core principle, we actively seek to engage with other cities and organisations (companies/institutions/NGOs/etc.) to become ClairCity Associates. We want to create a project community to share our ideas and results, and to learn as much as possible from other initiatives across the globe.

We offer ClairCity Associates:
• Preferential access to our research information before official publication;
• The opportunity to actively request information about ClairCity developments from us;
• Networking with other cities and project partners;
• Priority invitations to ClairCity annual meetings and other events.

Information exchange is limited to non-sensitive reports and on a voluntary basis only.

In return, we hope that ClairCity Associates:
• Actively disseminate ClairCity project outcomes through their networks;
• Enhance the project impact by broadening its reach through their networks and activities; and
• Actively participate in knowledge exchange and mutual learning with the ClairCity partners to enhance our project’s objectives and outputs with us.

There is no cost to becoming a ClairCity Associate. Associate status does not make organisations eligible to access the project funding.

If your city or institution is interested in finding out more about being a ClairCity Associate, please use the contact form to contact us and we will send you more information.

We are proud to host the following organisations as ClairCity Associates:

  1. Arpa Sicilia
  2. Arpa Umbria
  3. National Institute of Health (Italy)
  4. Greenway Infrastructure
  5. RIVM – National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (The Netherlands)
  6. Zagłębiowski Alarm Smogowy
  7. Humanitas University, Poland
  8. Breeze GbR
  9. University of A Coruña, Spain
  10. Regione Abruzzo
  11. Regione Puglia
  12. Sustainable Energy Advice Ltd
  13. Ciclaveiro
  14. North Bristol SusCom
  15. Bristol Zoological Society
  16. Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environment Experts (BAMEE)
  17. Appa Trento
  18. REMEDIO project (Interreg MED 2014-2010 project)
  19. Agenzia Regionale Protezione Ambiente Ligure – ARPAL
  20. Infrastrutture Recupero Energia agenzia regionale Ligure – IRE spa
  21. University of Genoa, Italy
  22. Clean Air Bishopston
  23. University of Tetova, Macedonia