July newsletter 2019: ClairCity delivers

The sixth edition of the ClairCity newsletter was published on 16th July 2019. Covering news on our international press coverage, progress working with cities and how social injustice intersects with air quality, there’s plenty of information from ClairCity. You can read the newsletter online or download it from Joomag as a pdf.

Greater pollution impact on poorer communities

Science for Environment Policy, the news and information service published by the European Commission, have released a new In-depth Report on Socioeconomic status and noise and air pollution. They state:

“Air pollution and noise pollution have a negative impact on all of society — but some groups are more affected
than others. Lower socioeconomic status is generally associated with poorer health, and both air and
noise pollution contribute to a wide range of other factors influencing human health. But do these health
inequalities arise because of increased exposure to pollution, increased sensitivity to exposure, increased
vulnerabilities, or some combination? This In-depth Report presents evidence on whether people in deprived
areas are more affected by air and noise pollution – and suffer greater consequences – than wealthier populations.”
For more information visit SfEP.