Can a computer game
save your city?

The Game

Playing in a virtual version of each partner city, players will decide how to save the city and make it the best possible place to live. Computer games by themselves probably won’t save the world, but they offer an exciting, engaging way to get lots of people involved in finding solutions. We will be trialling the game from Spring 2017.

The game isn’t only for fun: the data used to build the game is real, so player decisions will show the real impact of different choices. The solutions and winning strategies that players find will “crowdsource” future scenarios for the city. We are playing these games in six cities across Europe, so we will be able to see differences in the choices that residents of each city make to solve the problems of air pollution and climate change. We expect that different cities will find different solutions – there’s lots of ways to make the world better, and our aim is to help each city find the right way for them.

The App

As well as the game that can be played across many devices, we will have an app for smartphone users. The ClairCity app is aimed at organisations and employees, encouraging businesses and other organisations to identify how travel impacts their efficiency and staff wellbeing.

For individual users, once the app is downloaded they can choose whether to interact with it to understand their personal air pollution exposure and health impacts. We will use the app data to demonstrate the impact of pollution on all our lives and help city policymakers plan a better future for each partner city.

The app is being launched in Spring 2018.