As part of our ClairCity Amsterdam work, we are seeking videos about “older” people to hear their mobility experiences in Amsterdam. To keep it inclusive, this can be anyone above 55+ who wants to get involved and share their views.

If you are 55+, tell us your story in a 2 minute film!

If you are not 55+, but know someone who is, film the person telling his/her story!

We suggest that you cover (some of) the following topics:
• What do you love about walking or cycling in Amsterdam?
• Are there any issues you want to highlight which would make your mobility easier?
• How about memories – How do you recall mobility in Amsterdam 50 years ago? How has that changed compared to the situation now?

Read the instructions below. We look forward to receiving your short videos! The deadline for submission is 15th August 2018. Shortly after that, a winner will be awarded with a cool prize.

What type of film?

The film should tell a story of the mobility experience of at least one “older” (55+) person.

The films need to be approximately 2 minutes long.

You can make the videos yourself on a smartphone or video camera. Anyone can send videos (you don’t need to be a filmmaker to do this!)

The video may be in English or Dutch.

The film can feature the “older” person narrating his/her story or can be an interview between the older person and the person recording the video, who may be old or young.

We suggest you cover (some of) the questions aforementioned.

Next to the chat with an older person, you may film parts of the city, the best (or worst) bits to walk you, show some views that you get on a bike ride or film the well-deserved cup of tea that you are having together at the end. It’s up to you!

Who counts as “older”?

We are happy for anyone to decide for themselves. The World Health Organisation often use 65 to describe people as “older”. However, in our project it can be anyone above 55+ who wants to get involved (as a grandparent with their grandchild or parent with a child might have an “older” perspective).

Why should you participate?

The videos will contribute to the citizen engagement element of the ClairCity project. By helping the project, indirectly, you are contributing to a cleaner Amsterdam!

From all submissions we will select a ‘winner’ which we will reward with a lovely prize! The winner video will be chosen based on a mix of aspects (originality, story’s message, aesthetics, number of Youtube & Facebook likes etc).

What will the videos be used for?

The main goal of the videos is awareness raising around the health, environmental and social benefits of walking and cycling in the city from the point of view of elderly citizens who share their experiences and opinions.

They will be shared on the ClairCity website, on the ClairCity Amsterdam Facebook Page and across the ClairCity project. They videos will also be uploaded onto Youtube.

How to submit your film:

There are two ways you can submit a film.

  1. Upload your film directly to Youtube (you will need to open a Youtube account if you don’t already have one, but this is quick and free to do). Once the film is uploaded, send us the link to
  2. Instead you can also email us the video file
  3. to
  4. (for example via WeTransfer, which is free)

The deadline for submissions is 15h August 2018.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions or ideas you would like to talk through, get in touch with