As part of our Bristol work, we are seeking videos about older people’s experiences of walking or cycling in our city.

Tell your story in a 2 minute film!
• What do you love about walking or cycling in Bristol?
• Are there any issues you want to highlight which would make your mobility easier?
• Or how about memories of how Bristol used to be?

You can make your own quick film yourself or with a friend or family member.

You can see the videos we have already received on our YouTube channel.

What type of film?

The films only need to be 2 minutes long. You can make the videos yourself on a smartphone or tablet – we aren’t expecting professional filming skills, it’s the message that counts!

You might record a chat with a friend, or film the best (or worst) bits on a walk you often take, show some views that you get on a bike ride or film the well deserved cup of tea at the end. You might film yourself at home talking about places you used to walk or where you would like to go by foot or bike.

Who counts as “older”?

We are happy for anyone to decide for themselves. The World Health Organisation often use 65 to describe people as “older”, and this group tend to suffer more health impacts of air pollution – along with young children. However, in our project it can be anyone who wants to get involved. A grandparent with their grandchild or parent with a child might have an “older” perspective, or someone who walks to work but has seen an area change or grow over the years, or retired friends who meet up for a walk or a bike ride to catch up…

What will the videos be used for?

The videos will be shared on the website and across the ClairCity project, and with Bristol City Council.

How to submit your film:

There are several ways you can submit a film.

  1. Download and sign the ClairCity Mobility Videos Consent form. Send this to along with your video link.
  2. Upload your film directly to Youtube (you will need to open a Youtube account if you don’t already have one, but this is quick and free to do). Once the film is uploaded, send us the link:
  3. If you would rather send it to us via WhatsApp, email and we will send you a mobile number that you can use. You will still need to email us the consent form.

Any other questions?

If you have any difficulty with sharing your video with us, or questions or ideas you would like to talk through, get in touch with us via the contact form.

Video examples

We are collecting videos from a range of people around the city, and we are always looking for more. If you feel inspired, grab a smart phone, camera, tablet or helper and get involved!

To see more short videos made in Bristol, visit our YouTube channel.