Community Activators

Community activator pack

Organising and inspiring

Do you bring people together in your community, or would like to? Perhaps you are an activist that wants to reach new audiences. Well have no fear: ClairCity is here! Air pollution and climate change affects all of us so why not use our resources to bring people together to discuss the issues and then take action locally. 

Our Community Activator Pack is the best place to start! It contains top tips for engaging different audiences and includes how to guides for running events and social media campaigns and for setting up local action groups, among other things!

Community Films

film camera


During the ClairCity project we used the power of film to convey the lived experience of vulnerable people and to showcase how fun sustainable modes of transport can be! 1,000s of people viewed our YouTube videos and the producer of “Anemmu in bici a Zena” – a Ligurian film about cycling, even won an award!

Check out our YouTube page for more information!

Video’s aren’t the only way to capture marginalised voices. Read our Community Activator pack to find out what other approaches you can take!

Public events


Each city and region attended or hosted events. Talks were given in auditoriums, on the streets and at festivals. Read page 14 of the Community Activator Pack to find out the pros and cons of different event approaches, and page 17 for a handy events guide. Our blog has some great summaries about specific events too – check it out!

Digital technology


Skylines game graphic

Online games and apps are increasingly used to engage audiences on health, air quality and climate change issues. Although they take a lot of initial promotion, in time they can allow you to crowdsource a lot of information about people’s views. Our ClairCity Skylines game (available in six languages) and GreenAnt air quality management app have reached 1,000s of citizens so far, allowing them to take part in city decision making and empowering them to make changes to their lifestyles. Click on the link for more information and to download them:

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