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Tools and techniques

ClairCity engaged citizens across Europe to better understand their environmental behaviours in their local contexts. We were curious to know how they travelled, how they heated their homes and their future aspirations. Were citizens interested in adopting greener lifestyles? And if so, how would this affect carbon emissions and air pollution by 2030 and 2050. Importantly, would their involvement in decision making processes accelerate the transition to a clean air, zero carbon futures.

Our engagement process consisted of three parts. First, we established a baseline of behaviours in each of our partner cities and regions and explored the policy and governance landscape to understand how this impacts on citizens behaviours. Second, we engaged citizens in various creative ways and used cutting-edge modelling to understand what happens to air quality and carbon emissions when their suggestions are incorporated into decision making. Third, we fed back this knowledge to policy makers, citizens and influential organisations in each city and region.

You can read more about our modelling in this blog. To explore our engagement tools and techniques then click here:

Citizen engagement tools and techniques


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