The story behind ClairCity

Our project team have been working across academia, government and civil society to share the ClairCity project. We are sharing our outcomes, but also explaining the theory behind the project, why we think it is important to involve citizens in air quality research projects and how we have put this in action within ClairCity. Here are two presentations that give some of the academic background and communication strategy behind the project.

This presentation was given at the Bristol Natural History Consortium “Communicate 2017” seminar series by Tim Chatterton, Corra Boushel and Laura Fogg Rogers to an audience of academics and practitioners in science communication.

The following presentation by Corra Boushel focuses on the communications strategy for ClairCity for EASME – the European Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises. This presentation was part of an event aimed at other European funded projects who are planning their communications.

Society vs the Individual: How can we work together to enable behaviour change?

As part of the first National Clean Air Day in the UK, ClairCity staff from UWE Bristol presented to an audience for the Bristol Natural History Consortium ‘Communicate’ seminar series.

The seminar, entitled “Society vs the Individual: How can we work together to enable behaviour change?” was led by Tim Chatterton, Laura Fogg Rogers and Corra Boushel. As part of the Q&A, an engaged audience discussed the role of legislation, the discourses and assumptions around ‘barriers’ and ‘social conventions’ and whether or not it’s acceptable to cycle and present seminars.

The full slides are available to download, including references ClairCity Society vs Individual NCAD Bristol 2017

Also see the project press release for National Clean Air Day.