Sosnowiec stakeholder success

On 17th April 2019 we held our Stakeholder Dialogue Workshop in Sosnowiec, Poland.

This was an opportunity for local organisations to see the summary of results from our citizen engagement, and give input on the relative opportunities and priorities they saw for the city. Participants explored the variety of pathways chosen by citizens through our surveys, game and workshops. They could advise on what they considered to be acceptable consensus of low carbon, clean air pathways in the short-medium and long term to 2050.

The activities in the Stakeholder Dialogue Workshop generate agreed scenarios (combinations of policies that have been suggested and supported by citizens) which the ClairCity quantification team then model. The quantitative modelling tests which scenarios give the best outcomes in terms of achieving clean air and a low carbon future for the city.

We thank all of the participants of the workshop in Sosnowiec for their support and input. The event was productive and successful and we learnt a lot from their participation.