ClairCity conference 2019

Our 2019 conference was hosted in the Portuguese city of Aveiro on 10th April. We were delighted to host over 60 external participants which included high-level politicians (including the President of the Aveiro Region and Mayor of Aveiro, and Mayors of various other municipalities in the Aveiro Region), NGOs (environmental NGOs and sustainable mobility / cycling focused NGOs), and university and school staff and students.

You can also read about the conference in Portuguese.

Invited speakers

Dr. Alexandra Monteiro, University of Aveiro – Air quality in the CIRA perspective
Susana Castelo, TIS Portugal – Visions for a future clean mobility in the CIRA
Isabel Lança, Administração Regional de Saúde do Centro – Air pollution impact on health
PacOpar Estarreja – Role of Industry to improve on carbon and air quality
Porto de Aveiro – Role of the Port to improve on carbon and air quality
Agostinho Oliveira, CM Murtosa; António Rodrigues, AE Gafanha de Nazaré; José Carlos Mota, University of Aveiro – What’s the room for cycling in the CIRA?

ClairCity presentations

Prof. Enda Hayes – Involving citizens in policymaking – Lessons so far from ClairCity
Dr. Vera Rodrigues and Kris Vanherle – Modelling for impacts on air quality, health and carbon footprint in ClairCity
Dr. Stephan Slingerland – Policy lessons so far from ClairCity

Posters from each of the municipalities in CIRA showcasing their best practices in themes of health, air quality and carbon emissions are also available.