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These reports are the public deliverables for the ClairCity project, as required by the European Union Horizon 2020 grant agreement. You can also see a selection of our presentations.

D6.1 and 6.2 Policy baseline reports

For each of our partner cities and regions, we have produced a baseline report to cover:

  • The contextual factors influencing air quality and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • The influence of global, European and national policies on policymaking;
  • The state of their air quality and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Regional and local policies and the role of citizens and other stakeholders in these policies.

D6.2 Bristol – Policy Baseline Report

D6.2 Sosnowiec – Policy Baseline Report

D6.2 Ljubljana – Policy Baseline Report

D6.2 Aveiro – Policy Baseline Report

D6.1 Amsterdam – Policy Baseline Report

D6.2 Liguria – Policy Baseline Report

D1.11 Project Advisory Board membership established

This document is the result of the follow up work on the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the External Advisory Board (EAB) and the invitation of the candidates proposed therein to be part of the EAB. As such, this deliverable materialises the ‘establishment’ of the board through the compilation of:
– An overview document illustrating the final composition of the first ClairCity EAB
– The welcome letter send to the EAB members after they signed the letter accepting the ToR
– The signed letters accepting the ToR

Download D1.11 Project Advisory Board membership established

 D2.4 ClairCity Annual Conference – Hungary

This document is the proof of having delivered ‘D2.4 ClairCity Annual Conference – Hungary’. It includes the signed attendance list, link to presentations and photos of the conference, and references to Public Relations around the conference. The presentations from the public day are available here: link to the presentations.

Download D2.4 ClairCity Annual Conference – Hungary

D3.1 Review of social science in air quality and carbon management

A crucial aspect of the research development in ClairCity is the application and integration of sociological theories into quantitative analysis approaches on air quality and carbon management. To support this work, we produced a report summarising the state of integration thus far in the field and identified gaps in the academic literature. Read our blog post or download the full report.

D3.1 Review of Social Science in Air Quality and Carbon Management

D4.14 Mutual Learning Workshops

In each partner city we have run Mutual Learning Workshops – opportunities for local stakeholder organisations in health, transport, air quality and energy to come together and discuss the challenges, opportunities and visions they see for their city or region.

ClairCity Amsterdam Mutual Learning Workshop report

ClairCity Aveiro Mutual Learning Workshop report

ClairCity Bristol Mutual Learning Workshop report

ClairCity Liguria region Mutual Learning Workshop report

ClairCity Ljubljana Mutual Learning Workshop report

ClairCity Sosnowiec_Mutual Learning Workship report

D5.1 Data Portal

The ClairCity data portal can be found at