Including young people

Not only are young people our future, they are also one of the groups that are most at risk from air pollution. That is why we are getting them involved in ClairCity.



Primary school activities

We had extra funding from UWE Bristol to create activities for primary schools (ages 7-11). We have run sessions with over 800 children around Bristol to pilot the activities. These materials are now shared for free for schools to access.

“The children learnt so much – they particularly enjoyed getting to do a science experiment in a ‘real lab’ and wearing the coats, goggles and gloves. The Top Trumps session was also enjoyed by all. From our point of view, writing and sending the Mayor letters made the learning purposeful and very real for the children.” Teacher

“Great stuff!” Darren Jones MP



Secondary school challenge

Our schools’ competition involves young people aged 13-16 in improving their city. The students will be challenged to design ‘tools for change’ towards smart consumption, reduced emissions and healthier lifestyles in their city. Schools in each of the partner cities will be invited to participate, with each team using a web-based interactive game to collect data on their own housing, transport, food consumption and environmental emissions as well as share their designs. Check out each city for more information on when their competition launches.

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