Our Game

Our ClairCity game puts the players in charge.

It’s up to the players in each city to decide how to run their hometown, to avoid disasters and make residents happy. While it looks and feels like a game, there is some serious play at work. The data used to build the game – from the impact of building new roads, through to the average life expectancy of citizens – is real. Players will test out different solutions in their imaginary world, and all of their experiments will help to identify the impacts, preferred choices and potential pitfalls that their city really is facing.

Winning the future

The winning strategies that players find will test out future scenarios for the city.Our data team will be building these “crowdsourced” solutions into the quantitative models behind the scenes, to run as policies for the real city. Through this experimentation, we think citizens can help to find the best solutions for their city, while having fun at the same time.

We are also interested to find out if there’s differences between players in different cities. Some countries, regions or cities might show a preference for some types of solutions, while others converge on something different. We will be watching for these differences as the data is collected.

To find out about the game release for your city, click on the city name in the main menu.