City Shockers

What is happening to our cities?

What is in the air we breathe?
What could our cities do differently?

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Global shockers

The statistics are worrying...

heart attacks & strokes

Breathing polluted air increases the likelihood of heart attacks, strokes, and lung cancer. It makes conditions such as asthma or bronchitis worse. 1

New evidence on health

There is new evidence linking air pollution to dementia, type 2 diabetes and autism. Research is still continuing on these and other conditions. 5 6 7

1 in 8 Deaths

Air pollution is linked to one in every eight premature deaths worldwide, including 7,700 deaths across Europe every week. 3 4

1.4 trillion euros

Air pollution costs the residents of Europe an immense 1.4 trillion euros through the sickness and fatalities it causes. 8

Breaking the rules

21 of the 28 EU Member States failed the standards for one type of air pollution - concentrations of particulate matter (PM10). 9

2/3 Europeans are worried

67% of people in Europe think that climate change is a "very serious problem". 10

What about climate change?

The cause of climate change and air pollution is burning fossil fuels. However, some of the gases and processes involved are different. That's why diesel engines can be better for climate change (lower carbon dioxide emissions) but worse for air pollution (higher nitrogen oxide and particulates). 11

What can we do?