What can we do?

Citizens across Bristol are taking action. Here’s how you can too.


Take the office challenge!

As well as the game, we have an app specifically for organisations and employees. The app helps to encourage businesses and other organisations to identify how travel impacts their efficiency and staff wellbeing.

For individual users, once the app is downloaded they can choose whether to interact with it to understand their personal air pollution exposure and health impacts. We are using the app data to demonstrate the impact of pollution on all our lives and help city policymakers plan a better future for each partner city.

Download the app

Spread Awareness

Download and share when promoting clean air.

We also recommend checking out National Clean Air Day’s graphics and toolkits for UK information and tips, and the World Health Organisation’s infographics kit for more hard-hitting health facts.


 What affects air pollution Who it affects Air pollution solutions

Inspire the next generation!

Download our fun transport & air pollution themed chatterbox activity (aka fortune teller) to colour in and make at home, at a youth group or in school.

Are you an educator?

Use our free primary and secondary schools resources and work towards your curriculum objectives for PHSE, English and Science.

You can find us:

Air Quality Citizen Assembly

UWE Bristol kindly supported the creation of our primary school resources (ages 7-11). We have run sessions with over 800 children around Bristol to pilot the activities -see how much the children enjoyed our activities on our blog.

“The children learnt so much – they particularly enjoyed getting to do a science experiment in a ‘real lab’ and wearing the coats, goggles and gloves. The Top Trumps session was also enjoyed by all. From our point of view, writing and sending the Mayor letters made the learning purposeful and very real for the children.” Teacher

Play the game

Can you save Bristol?

Download the game and play now!Apple ios

ClairCity Skylines is a brand new free game in which you are the boss of Bristol. You will be in charge of the management of the city for the next 50 years. What choices will you make for the city? Can you make residents happy and avoid bankruptcy? Share your experience / let us know what you think on  Twitter or Facebook.

Explore air pollution levels where you are

Click on the map to find out more.

Data collected by Bristol City Council in 2018. Red and black dots are bad news.

View and share local stories!

See all our videos on 

Take part in National Clean Air Day

Our voice becomes louder when we join together with national initiatives. National Clean Air Day (CAD) has been campaigning for clean air for three years. Why not get your school, office, friends or family to sign up and take action for CAD June 2020?

In the meantime, check out its helpful kits for action in communities, businesses and schools. These be used at any time of year and can help you to run a “No Idling” campaign, other actions for your organisation or group, and have suggestions about how to contact local politicians and businesses.

Find Clean Air Day kits


All of our activities help us to collect resident's views, understand the unique problems Bristol faces, and inform the City on what it can do to improve the lives of residents.