City Shockers

What’s happening to Amsterdam?

What could Amsterdam do differently? There are some shocking statistics…


We breathe toxic air

Breathing the air in Amsterdam is the equivalent of passively smoking more than 6 cigarettes every day. 1

European (carbon) league

The Netherlands produces more carbon emissions per person than Germany or the UK, and nearly double the carbon emissions per person compared to France. 2

Amsterdam fails

Amsterdam has illegal levels of air pollution at half of all the measuring stations in the city. 3

Dutch action

More than half of Dutch people take action to protect the environment by reducing the amount of energy they use. 4

24 billion euros

Air pollution costs the Netherlands a massive 24 billion euros every year. 5

Heat is a killer

The health impact of air pollution is worse in hot weather, especially for older people. 6


What do Amsterdam residents want the city to look and feel like in twenty years’ time? We are finding out the answers and helping to make sure the voices of citizens are heard.

What difference can I make?