GreenAnts App

Be the first to test a new, citizen-led air quality managament app!

We need your help to test out our Green Ant app and contribute to its development!


Green Ants App

What is it?

Ever wondered how our travel journeys impact your city’s air quality? Now, for the first time, you can.

Green Ant is a free app for mobiles (Apple and Android) alongside a web system that allows you to become a citizen scientist, through monitoring your own and others’ transport activities. Utilising GPS data, you simply let the app run in the background while you get around the city.

Collect data with friends, colleagues, or use as a tool to improve the health of your staff or fellow citizens. The more citizens there are collecting data, the richer the picture we can build about air quality in the city. By making visible the invisible, we can begin to make changes to how we travel.

How to play

Log your data collection area online – and download the app for Apple or Android.

For video instructions on how to play, check out our YouTube videos (or flyer, attached):

Step 1 and 2:

Step 3:

Why should I care?

By taking part, you will be contributing to the EU’s largest citizen science research project on air pollution reduction in cities!

Your data will help you and fellow citizens to improve air quality locally

Your feedback is critical, allowing us to improve the usability of the App before its official launch.

What next?

  1. Once you have spent some time on the App, share your opinions here before 18th November so we can incorporate your suggestions
  2. Share this email with others so we can gather more feedback and data to improve your city’s future with clean air
  3. Tag us on social media @ClairCity #TreadLightly


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