Engaging young people as active citizens and citizen scientists

Young people for a clean air future

ClairCity continues to raise awareness of the role of citizens in addressing the climate and ecological emergency, this time turning its attention to young people

The climate emergency and air pollution sit alongside the biodiversity and ecological crises as the most pressing issues of this generation. Inextricably linked to these environmental problems is social justice; poorer and vulnerable people, and those from Black or Ethnic Minorities are already disproportionately affected,  while young people will bear the brunt of future climate and biodiversity impacts.

Given the urgency needed to address these issues, we have to find new and replicable ways of engaging diverse citizens and activating young people in democratic processes. Working together across cities and regions, we can ensure decision-making processes are inclusive of both people and planet.

EU Green Week webinar

This month ClairCity will be sharing this message during EU Green Week, drawing from its successes in engaging younger audiences. Together We-Count, the two projects will make the case for shifting our engagements from simply informing to more actively involving and engaging the younger generation. Learn about the processes of both projects, the challenges and opportunities of working with diverse young people, and the takeaway messages for the research and educator community.

ClairCity was a 4-year research project that worked with citizens to refine a model for citizen-inclusive decision making on clean air and climate change. The largest EU project of its kind, 8302 citizens, from six cities and regions, participated directly in local policy making.  The project produced an Educator pack of materials to engage young people which will be shared here.

WeCount is a 2-year citizen science project, seeking to empower residents in five European cities to influence decision making. Young people in local communities will be empowered by putting the science in their hands; they will collect data on local traffic, and work together with scientists to analyse results to generate more liveable communities.

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